The Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)

is a European initiative presented in 2007 by the European Commission. Clean energy and energy efficiency technologies promoted by the plan play a key role in achieving the EU's energy and climate change goals.

The plan supports national research and innovation activities aligned with its agenda between EU Member States and the associated countries Norway, Iceland, Turkey and Switzerland.

SET-Plan Actions

 The integrated SET-Plan identifies ten priority actions for research and innovation aimed at accelerating the transformation of the energy system and mainstreaming the use of renewable energies in the EU. The measures cover the entire innovation chain and also take into account the financing and the regulatory framework.

The implementation is evaluated by the general governance structure for measuring key performance indicators, which also include the level of investments and cost reductions. An implementation plan was developed for each measure, the progress of which is monitored by implementation working groups (IWGs).

For further information, please visit the official Website of the SET-Plan.

Also have a look at the Strategic Energy Technology Information System (SETIS), which is the open-access information, knowledge management and dissemination system for the SET-Plan.

The focus is on the following ten measures:

  • Performant renewable technologies integrated in energy system
  • Reduce costs of technologies
  • New smart technologies and services for consumers
  • Resilience and security of the energy system
  • New materials and technologies for energy efficiency solutions for buildings
  • Energy efficiency for industry
  • Competitive in global battery sector and e-mobility
  • Renewable fuels and bioenergy:
  • Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage
  • Nuclear Safety


IWG Chair:

Dr. Christoph Hünnekes


IWG Co-Chair

Dr. David Moser