Answers where given by IWG representive for MS Germany

1. Most relevant PV funding topics

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In Germany, the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy) is funding RD&I under the 7th Programme on Energy research and touches upon the following topics:
1. Development of production technologies
2. Improvement of lifetime and quality assurance measures at component and system level
3. Development of alternative PV materials and concepts
4. Development and demonstration of marketable solutions for intelligent sector coupling
5. Next generation of PV power plants
6. Avoidance of hazardous materials and scarce resources

2. Available programmes for RD&I on PV

Program A: BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy) funding under the 7th Programme on Energy research

Program B: BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Reserach) funding under the 7th Programme on Energy research

Partly, research on Agri-PV is funded by BMBF via the FONA (Research for Sustainablity) program, see

3. Success stories regarding PV funding

4. Main PV research institutes or PV industries (Research)
• (Business enterprises)

5. National production data (MW/a) and employees

6. Current installation numbers (GW/a) and forecast

Current installations (GW/a): Actual total installation number is 57.6 GW PV in Germany (Status on 26.10.2021) with a rising installation number of 2.9 GW in 2018, 3.9 GW in 2019 and 4.9 GW in 2020.

Forecast (GW/a): Forecast for 2021 is above 5 GW. Until 2030, it is planned to achieve 65% of the total energy requirement by using renewable energies (mainly PV and wind) and nearly 100% until 2050. The new German Federal Government intends to set up measures, which help to install up to 200 GW PV capacity until 2030.

7. Short description of the overall PV strategy

The general goal of the Federal Government is to design energy production in a way that is secure, economical and environmentally sustainable, thereby making it as reliable as possible. The goal until 2050 is that mostly the whole energy generation will be produced by sustainable energies. PV is ideally suited to achieving this and play a main part in this strategy. In addition, the Federal Government is open to rebuild and re-establish PV production in Germany and Europe.

The overall RD&I goals for established and as well new PV technologies are:
• Boost efficiency and therefore space efficiency
• Set-up reliable energy supply
• Development of new markets and expansion of system integration
• Use sustainable and harmless processes and materials
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IWG Chair:

Dr. Christoph Hünnekes