24.01.24 - Updates on IWG and Website

Dear Visitors,

we updated our website with all new Annual Reports and the new Implemenation Plan.

In addition our Co-Chair Prof. Dr. Wim Sinke retired. We thank him for his passion over the years. He was always a big support for us, the group and the PV sector, professionally and personally. We wish him the best for his free time with family and friends.

His role is taken by Dr. David Moser from EURAC, who is also Vice-Chairperson of the ETIP PV Executive Committee and a well known member of the IWG since many years. You find his contact in the Infoboxes on our website. Congratulations David!

In the end there will be a personal IWG meeting in spring in Brussels. We will send out a Save-the-Date mail to all members soon.

See you then

12.07.21 - Set-Plan Report 2021

The yearly IWG SET Plan Report to the European Commission (EC) was due on the 16th of July. We are currently in exchange with our members for collecting "exemplary funding projects"  for the report from each participating country through the collaborating Coordination & Support Action (CSA) "PV-Impact". The report to the EC is an important tool to show the actual interests in PV challenges and opportunities and the progress of PV in Europe. It is also designed to show the influence the Implementation Plan has on the overall development. The mentioned database of "exemplary funding projects” illustrates the developments and provides attractive highlights, and fortunately is continuously growing. Nevertheless, we need your help, because many great projects are still missing and several Member States do not yet feature in the overview. If you want to add your projects to the "PV-Impact" database, feel free to contact PV-Impact or us.


IWG Chair:

Dr. Christoph Hünnekes


IWG Co-Chair:

Dr. David Moser